About Addy Memorial hospital

Addy Memorial Hospital is an integrated healthcare delivery provider that offers high-quality medical and nursing services across a wide range of specialties. It is benchmarked to international quality standards and has state-of-the-art laboratory and radiology diagnostic services, modular operating theatres, and an in-house pharmacy on site. The hospital is well-equipped to provide convenient, patient-focused, quality-centric, and efficient services to all its patients.


Our Vision is to promote healthy communities supported by a trusted patient- centred service that delivers affordable specialised health care.

AMH’s Main Objective

Is to provide the highest quality health care, in all medical specialities within a dignified and patient centered environment.

Our Driving Principal

We strive to provide specialized and affordable medical services in the most congenial, friendly, and reassuring environment, all under one roof. We uphold that the patient is the most important person within the hospital, and their requirements shall be attended to holistically. We believe in the pursuit of continued medical and professional improvement through research to keep abreast of new developments in the field of medical sciences and other relevant fields.


Our Endoscopy

An endoscopy is a procedure in which your doctor uses specialized instruments to view and
operate on the internal organs and vessels of your body.


Our Maternity Services

The hospital is devoted to the care of women at childbirth and of their newborn infants.


Our Dental Services

Our Hospital is equipped to provide a complete range of dental treatments ranging from:-